18th International Conference on
Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science

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RAMICS 2020 took place as a virtual conference, using Zoom, from 26 to 29 October 2020.


The RAMiCS-18 proceedings are available at the Springer website and at SpringerLink.


Since 1994, the RAMiCS conference series has been the main venue for research on relation algebras, Kleene algebras and similar algebraic formalisms, and their applications as conceptual and methodological tools in computer science and beyond.

Theoretical aspects include semigroups, residuated lattices, semirings, Kleene algebras, relation algebras, quantales and other algebras; their connections with program logics and other logics; their use in the theories of automata, concurrency, formal languages, games, networks and programming languages; the development of algebraic, algorithmic, category-theoretic, coalgebraic and proof-theoretic methods for these theories; their formalisation with theorem provers.

Applications include tools and techniques for program correctness, specification and verification; quantitative and qualitative models and semantics of computing systems and processes; algorithm design, automated reasoning, network protocol analysis, social choice, optimisation and control.

Invited Talks


RAMiCS-18 had 87 registered participants. List of participants.


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Monday 26 October
13:00 Opening
13:15 Session 1. Chair: Peter Jipsen
13:15 Walter Guttmann Verifying the Correctness of Disjoint-Set Forests with Kleene Relation Algebras Slides
13:45 Yoshiki Nakamura Expressive Power and Succinctness of the Positive Calculus of Relations Slides Video
14:15 Pedro Ribeiro A Unary Semigroup Trace Algebra Slides Video
14:45 Break
15:00 Session 2. Chair: Uli Fahrenberg
15:00 Jonathan Julián Huerta y Munive, G. Struth, S. Foster Differential Hoare Logics and Refinement Calculi for Hybrid Systems with Isabelle/HOL Slides Video
15:30 S. Foster, James Baxter Automated Algebraic Reasoning for Collections and Local Variables with Lenses Slides Video
16:00 Day ends
Tuesday 27 October
12:00 Session 3. Chair: Bernhard Möller
12:00 Daniela Petrisan Invited talk: Combining probabilistic and non-deterministic choice via weak distributive laws
13:00 Break
13:15 Session 4. Chair: Manuel Bodirsky
13:15 Jérémy Dubut Bisimilarity of Diagrams Slides Video
13:45 Yoshihiro Maruyama Higher-Order Categorical Substructural Logic: Expanding the Horizon of Tripos Theory Video
14:15 Lucca Tiemens, D.S. Scott, C. Benzmüller, M. Benda Computer-supported Exploration of a Categorical Axiomatization of Modeloids Slides Video
14:45 Break
15:00 Session 5. Chair: Jules Desharnais
15:00 W. Guttmann, Bernhard Möller A Hierarchy of Algebras for Boolean Subsets Slides Video
15:30 Uli Fahrenberg, C. Johansen, G. Struth, R. Bahadur Thapa Generating Posets Beyond N Slides Video
16:00 Day ends
Wednesday 28 October
12:00 Session 6. Chair: Peter Höfner
12:00 Manfred Droste Invited talk: Weighted automata and quantitative logics Slides
13:00 Break
13:15 Session 7. Chair: Hitoshi Furusawa
13:15 Michael Winter Sharpness in the Fuzzy World Slides Video
13:45 J. Desharnais, Bernhard Möller The Theta-Join as a Join With Theta Slides Video
14:15 Rudolf Berghammer A Relation-Algebraic Treatment of the Dedekind Recursion Theorem Slides
14:15 Break
14:30 Business meeting
15:30 Day ends
Thursday 29 October
12:00 Session 8. Chair: Walter Guttmann
12:00 S. Ramirez, Santiago Quintero Pabon, C. Rueda, F. Valencia Counting and Computing Join-Endomorphisms In Lattices
12:30 Koki Nishizawa, S. Katsumata and Y. Komorida Stone Dualities from Opfibrations Slides
13:00 Break
13:15 Session 9. Chair: Michael Winter
13:15 K. Nishizawa, Koji Yasuda, H. Furusawa Preorders, partial semigroups, and quantales Slides Video
13:45 N. Galatos, Peter Jipsen Weakening relation algebras and FL_2-algebras Slides Video
14:15 Luigi Santocanale The involutive quantaloid of completely distributive lattices Slides Video
14:45 Break
15:00 Session 10. Chair: Roland Glück
15:00 Natanael Alpay, P. Jipsen Commutative doubly-idempotent semirings determined by chains and by preorder forests Slides Video
15:30 M. Bodirsky, Simon Knäuer Hardness of Network Satisfaction for Relation Algebras with Normal Representations Slides Video
16:00 RAMiCS ends

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